Future Crunch is a powerful antidote to the despair that is so often presented in the 24/7 media environment. The collation of stories from around the world of humans showing care and compassion, to people and the environment, as well as amazing technological and scientific breakthroughs unveils hope in our world. The essays articulate profound engagement with the challenges of today and provide thoughtful sounding boards to begin (and continue) discussions with others. Thanks to the team!

Tim Kalmier

I love that I get an email that I WANT to read, I save it up for a time when I can relax with a coffee or glass of wine. Always so interesting, lots of little rabbit holes to go down and learn something new. I particularly like that it is positive and uplifting, the world can seem depressing with horrible events, wars, global warming etc, and I feel so helpless. Reading about people or organisations making huge changes for good in our world is so inspiring. Love love love what you do.

Annie Desantis

If your days are filled with repeat reminders of the evil and pain that humans can wreak on other humans, and you are tired of feeling depressed and disoriented by multiple sensationalized reports of lying, abuse and greed, you need a weekly dose of Future Crunch. Let it motivate and inspire you to be part of the solution instead of being overwhelmed by the problem.

David Hunter

Future Crunch is one of the most powerful newsletters I've ever come across for challenging my worldview and reminding me that there is no single narrative about the direction we're heading. When I read Future Crunch, I'm reminded of Desiderata: "...the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism... And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should."

Kaila Colbin

Future Crunch is a massive infusion of clarity and inspiration. It changed my life and still does every time I read it.

Braha Bender

I think it's the one newsletter everyone needs in their inbox and the only one I am happily paying for. It's filled to the brim with hope, and if there's one thing we need these days, it's hope. Unlike other news outlets that make you feel sad to be alive in this age of turmoil, it makes you feel glad to be alive in this age of wonder. To me, Future Crunch offers a weekly glimpse at a future I want to be a part of.

Bess Klein

Future Crunch is the antidote to the bitter taste of mainstream news. Mainstream news shines a spotlight on the dog poo on the cracked sidewalk, while Future Crunch casts a sunrise glow across the splendid architecture of the City.

Jim Wiggins

Reading Future Crunch is like taking a mental health vitamin for anyone who is otherwise paying attention to the world and news. These stories aren’t getting the attention. They deserve in the mainstream. I recommend this over and over to worried idealists.

Edith Buhs

There is no newsletter out there that compares to Future Crunch. Each edition is full of news that you simply can’t easily find in mainstream media, with live links for more in-depth reads, but more than all that this newsletter has a soul.

Marian DeSimone

The Future Crunch is a fantastic synthesis of the hidden good news in the world that is hard for most people to find. The newsletter format is excellent; a sentence or two summarises each piece of information, and you don't have to read more, but if you want to go deeper, there is a link to the original article. The newsletter is always a highlight in my day and never fails to make me feel more optimistic about the world.

Tineke Fancourt

Future Crunch is hands-down my favorite source of news. My heart lifts each time I see a new issue pop into my inbox, because I know I'll learn fascinating new things and be inspired by examples of unexpected progress around the globe.

Amelia Hard

Future Crunch provides a healthy and much-needed balance to the constant stream of problem-focused information that bombards us. They don’t ignore or minimize our challenges, but show that these challenges are being addressed creatively and effectively all over the globe. This newsletter has been a lifeline over the past few years.

Cindy Morefield

My favourite source of news . Future Crunch brings you the good news stories you don’t hear about and gives you the links to their reputable sources. You can keep updated and feel energised and optimistic. It starts my weekend with a smile.

Suri Poulos

Whenever I sit down and read my Future Crunch mail I know what’s coming …. A flood of hope, pride and all over feel good about who we are and where we are going.

Lyndsay Finney

In a world increasingly focused on doom-scrolling through the latest tragedies and catastrophes, Future Crunch is a beacon of hope and inspiration -- documenting technological breakthroughs, economic and political progress and the indomitable power of the human spirit.

Seth Bain

My favourite newsletter I receive. Provides links to thought provoking articles and news that uplifts vs educes anxiety or angst. I try hard to curate the information I intake and I never consider cutting out Future Crunch.

Matthew Heffernan

Future Crunch provides reassurance that there are still amazing people all over the planet who care and desire to create positive change and are actually taking action to do so. FC also provides information about the remarkable power of technologies to improve environments and lives without all the fear around AI. I couldn’t do what the team at Future Crunch do. It’s A LOT of searching, reading, analysis and research. FC takes care of all of it and provides me and my Ioved ones with the best bits.

Carly Postill

Hopeful yet smart and with the right amount of criticism. No green washing here. Lifts my spirit every week.

Ting-Sheng Liao

Future Crunch is the best way to restore your faith in humanity. Whether it's a feel good story about the work of a single nurse, or a the mins blowing statistics of organizations making huge impacts, it's always great to read. I look forward to every edition and it helps levelset me in this chaotic world.

Kevin Cavanagh

This newsletter is an excellent summary of largely unknown, positive things happening in all areas of human endeavor... very powerful and heartening to read. It has made a subtle difference in my overall mood... well worth the price!!

David Low

It’s so inspiring, heart warming reading all the good news and sometimes when I read so many positive facts at once I get tears in my eyes because I’m so moved and hopeful and I‘m thinking „ stick that in your pipe and smoke it you damn pessimists and skeptics 👊💪!!! You guys have a very humane, down to earth and fun way of communicating and can write and explain exceptionally well. You are idealistic, altruistic and care for the wellbeing of the planet and I would be happy and honoured if I could meet you or even collaborate with you some day!!

Kim Greve

Future Crunch is the water in the desert that reminds me that there are more people in the world trying to make good than bad and that our efforts to make positive, sustainable change matter. Getting this newsletter is like hearing from close friends and I always come out of reading it in a better mood. It does not erase the scary things that are happening in the world, nor does it pretend they don't exist. It simply provides me with the hope to maintain my sanity and move forward in this crazy world we call home (the only one we've ever known)!

Jade Burchett

I look forward to seeing Future Crunch in my mailbox when it arrives. Sometimes I save it for when I have a half hour or more, a warm beverage, and can really dig into some of the fascinating stories that Angus and Rose manage to find. Other times I digest it in small chunks, taking a bit at a time. Each newsletter provides me with a bit of unexpected dinner party conversation, and the source material to back up my facts!

Aimee Cardwell

FutureCrunch is the only news I read at this point, and I recommend it to anyone who’s feeling down on the news or the state of the world. I look forward to reading it, especially when I have multiple issues to go through. It gives me hope for humanity and our planet.

Brett Konen

Good folks seeking to brighten the world by sharing good stories and news from around the world. Written from a very western perspective with a strong philosophical slant towards the currently popular progressive ideology of western culture but done so with heart and gusto. I don't agree with a good deal of the authors' opinions, but they are honest and straightforward in their approach. Most young western readers will enthusiastically agree with their views, so don't fret if you fall into that category. If you don't, the challenge in perspective may be good for you. I LOVE their science news, and certainly recommend Future Crunch over other more popular sources of news.

Ariel Bollant

I love Future Crunch! They elevate voices and stories that are left out of the traditional news cycle, and stand alone in my inbox as a place where I regularly find good news, serendipity, and-- occasionally-- soul expansion.

Jim Clarke

As both social media algorithms and the financial struggles of traditional news media push the world to foreground stories of tragedy and outrage, it's vital to have a source in my inbox that tells me about the good news I haven't heard. And it's real, solid news: not just a feel-good story about somebody adopting a puppy or paying for Christmas presents at their local Wal-Mart, but breathtaking data on the clean energy transition, environmental protection and recovery, human rights, disease mitigation, and more. Too much bad news can drive us to despair; we need to be able to see that brighter future if we're going to make it happen.

Bryn Neuenschwander

In our sad, frenetic, and scary world, Future Crunch mines today's enormous landslides of information to find nuggets of sanity, ingenuity, and joy that provides delight for its readers.

Don O'Shea

My favorite email newsletter, with a healthy dose of optimism and wonder for what we as humans can achieve. It's clear you work hard to source all these good news stories, and the charities you find and support are doing great things.

Janette Winsor

Future Crunch is the most inspiring news in my life. It is the antidote to all the "conventional" news that focuses on the bad in the world - rather than the truly BIG good news that we should be celebrating.

David Lee-Painter

Future Crunch is indispensable to my emotional well-being - seriously. When the bad news I read is too much for me, I turn to Future Crunch.

Cindy Brown

I'm a major fan girl. In a world where the next cycle is miserable, Future Crunch hitting my inbox is my dopamine hit for the day!

Jo Palmer

I LOVE Future Crunch. It’s the only email I always read in my inbox. It’s something I sit down with a cup of tea to read and then share the stories with all my friends and family. But it’s bigger than that, it’s also the idea that we can build the world we can imagine and we need to know what’s possible to do that, and you guys are helping with that! Sorry, I’m very gushy about Future Crunch. You may be my favourite thing on the internet!

Kena Duignan

Future Crunch is the highlight of my electronic week. It's such a blessed relief from the cynical and relentless negativity of mainstream media coverage, without resorting to patronising kitten videos for some token "good news". It's solid, evidence based and a fantastic balance in my life.

Mark Stewart

In a world where mainstream media appear to glorify personal tragedies into “news”, where it is always us against them, where sporting matches are referred to in military terms and where chaos and conflict are the only things regarded as newsworthy - Future Crunch pops up in my in-box with its stories of things going right, of communities’ lives getting better, of amazing inventions, of nations changing what they do to improve the health of the world. It is my antidote to the overwhelming negativity that attempts to engulf my life. Here is scientifically based, data driven research telling the other stories - the stories I want to hear about, happening in the world that I am actually living in. It is my weekly breathe of fresh air!

Louise Mortland

While this newsletter never dismisses the very real crises that we are confronting in the world, it tries to position them within a wider perspective that allows for hope. It is really easy to be determined that there is nothing good in the world - the Future Crunch guys take enormous pains to debunk that position. Theirs is not a rose-tinted perspective, merely one that seeks to perceive the positive, as a counter to the knee jerk catastrophism that nearly every other outlet prefers. Bracing and necessary.

Jeanette Forster

Future crunch is an emotional lifeline in this dumpster fire of a modern era. It reminds you that the world is healing as much as its falling apart, maybe more! Stories of people being good, smart, and kind are reassuring and, more importantly, inspirational.

Erica Borey

I think in these confusing ,crazy ,changing days that hearing good things ,happy things ,nice things ,encouraging things can make you realize what a wonderful planet we live on and how truly good and kind people really are. And to top it off some of our subscription fees go to helping others. I guess my review is if you want to read something encouraging turn to Future Crunch.

Peggie Cathie

Future Crunch is an alternative and counterbalance to the swamp of international corporate journalism that is mostly interested in telling stories that worry and excite the worst human impulses. Instead of violence, politics and disaster, Future Crunch shows us the hope and imagination of muscular progress happening around the world.

Catherine Hammond

Is my favourite email and I've never not found something interesting linked from it. The worst thing for me is that I now subscribe to a number of other really interesting newsletters and people as a result of coming across them in future crunch which I really don't have time to enjoy.

James Waters

Each Future Crunch email is a blast of credible, evidence-based optimism. I look forward to reading each newsletter, and they really brighten my week. Even better, their annual round up of the 100 best news stories is a ultra-strength vaccination against despair that lasts a whole year.

Chris McElwain

I look forward to this newsletter each week. It allows me to take a deep breath and think about all the things we're getting right. It also helps me look for those in the world actively doing the right thing and to recognize the broad swath of helpers out there. On a practical level, the quality and extent of curation is stellar. Each week the charity partner is an amazing find and creates a feeling of solidarity with other readers. I am constantly recommending Future Crunch to other people.

Carla Borsoi

Reading the good news compiled by Future Crunch made me realise the impact of the dominant narrative on both my mental health and my view of the world. It reminded me that consuming Future Crunch info is vital for seeing the possibility of a brighter future and that it is closer than we are led to believe.

Tathra Street

Future Crunch is my first and favourite go to source for good news happening all over the globe. They cover the gamut, science, technology, humanity, personal interest, and they give a big chunk of what they take in to COOL charities. Give 'em a try!

Jill Schroder

Incredible newsletter that is super insightful. Consistent, high quality sources of information on energy, conservation, healthcare, technology are hard to come by - especially all in one place delivered right to you every week. I absolutely love this newsletter!! Can't recommend highly enough!

Peter Collins

Future Crunch is the only site I know of for intellectually serious good news. I distribute copies regularly to friends who are depressed.

Chris Fields

I love love love this newsletter, and I have shared it often. Traditional news media focus on the sensational because bad news and threats attract clicks and sell editions - but they offer a grossly imbalanced view of what’s really going on in the world. I love FC because it restores the balance, restored my faith in humanity and gives me hope that we can fix our worst challenges,together

Jan van der Hoop

Future Crunch is my antidote to the climate of doom that surrounds me whenever I read mainstream news (which is frequently). Their take on global news invariably inspires conversation based around incredible happenings, discoveries and ideas from diverse cultures and places. I love this newsletter.

Will Hone

This is the best present I give myself. I wait for each edition like a kid on Christmas Eve and savor every word.

Amber McKee

My heart fills with joy when the Future Crunch email arrives with the next edition of good news that I certainly don't find anywhere else. I know I will learn something, my mind will be stretched by innovations in science and technology and my faith in the ability of the human species to create positive change will be renewed once more.

Sandra Thomson

My North Star for inspiring, relevant and hopeful news content. Intellectually stimulating while being deeply grounding in an age of fear-mongering, it is an indispensable addition to your inbox.

Matthew Bray

There is no other newsletter or news source for which my subscription dollars are used in a better way. Future Crunch provides a well-balanced collection of news that doesn’t tend to get significant attention in the major news sources and I would pay them for that alone. Knowing that part of my subscription money also goes to such excellent causes—organizations I would never know about or find on my own—makes me feel that much better about the amount I pay them each year. Reading Future Crunch makes me a better informed member of our world. I’m grateful to them for that and proud to support them with a subscription.

Rebecca Gorek

When Future Crunch arrives in my inbox, it's the first thing I read. It gives me such useful information about how our world is moving forward to a sustainable, green future. It puts the news in context so I know why it matters. And part of my fee goes to support worthwhile charities all over the world. As one of its sections says, Future Crunch is indistinguishable from magic.

Rosemary Cairns

it's my favourite newsletter! honestly, the way it shows how mostly negative news make the news while there is so much positivity we should be informed about!

lucian Stanescu

I think Future Crunch is providing much-needed hope in these times of extreme uncertainty. They provide a counterbalance to all the negative news we come across in our day-to-day lives. I feel uplifted and a little more hopeful after reading the newsletter and I couldn't be more grateful for that.

Hailey Moore

I always look forward to my emails from Future Crunch. It is amazing, inspiring, and wonderful to read the many beautiful examples of the world turning and moving in a positive direction. This is so very needed in these conflicted and challenging times. Thank you so much for your exquisitely important and meaningful work!

Michael Fiske

The thing I've most recommended to people in my life. Keep up the great work!

Chloe Watts

Future Crunch is an essential source of news and information. I often bemoan humanity's love of the negative bias, and how often we seem to repeat, (whether through news, media, our in our own small conversations,) "everything sucks." I am a firm believer that everything does not suck, that there are so many good and inspiring and mind blowing happenings, from the micro to the macro. It is essential that we tell stories and share facts that counteract the addiction to the negative. If we cannot weave and share stories that imagine a bright future, how will we ever be able to live into a bright future? Future Crunch, you rock my world with beautiful lovely enlivening facts. You bring me balance. Thank you.


I am totally impressed that you can collect so many interesting stories and real information from around the world. And you pass on this knowledge with humour, respect, and optimism for the future of our challenging species and the lovely planet who sustains us. Thank you.

Peggy Forman

This is the best thing that comes in my inbox. I always look forward to the next edition.

Logan Sibbet

Future Crunch is one of the few places on the internet that actually makes my day better instead of worse. The good news the newsletter provides are just fascinating and - especially for climate change related topics - provide a balance to all of the hype and fearmongering that is the norm in most other news. I wholeheartedly recommend it!

Thomas Gamauf

It is an excellent well researched newsletter. All good news and no fakes. Good clear prose and interesting graphics. I should highly recommend it to all

Elizabeth Kennedy

This is one of my favorite newsletters! I have no idea how these folks cook up SO MANY great articles, but they do, and they make them really easy to quickly digest. Thanks, folks!

Kael Shipman

I look forward to this newsletter and hearing a positive spin on climate news because otherwise climate activism can be depressing. I’m convinced Future Crunch is dedicated to creating a better world when I see the charities they support and feature in the newsletter. I know I can trust the content and appreciate the article links for further information.


I look forward to receving FC every week. It's a treat I give myself after something I need to get finished; it's that motivating. The dose of good news every week and the friendly tone give me a boost that helps me keep a more positive attitude and stay kinder, every week. Can't recommend it highly enough! Gus, Amy and the team are truly outstanding.

Matthew Miller

Future Crunch is the one newsletter I take the time to read. In a world that seems to thrive on bad news, we have an opportunity to hear and learn about so many positive initiatives and changes that are taking place and the actions of so many clever people to improve our world. It’s interesting, thought provoking and unmissable. An important part of my week.

Amanda Fieldhouse

This is my source of hope. The standard news cycle leaves me depressed and anxious and for years I thought that was a true perspective on the world. Future Crunch’s content is proof there is meaningful progress all around us. I never skip an issue.

Nick Stevens

It is my favourite newsletter out of 10 I subscribe to. I love the updates on the good things that happen, and also a selection of articles that I read over the next week

Lukasz Bienkowski

Future Crunch for me is not just a newsletter. It’s the source of hope. In the time of consideration what to buy and where to save, I am proud to tell someone I am buying this newsletter. I am treating myself with hope, knowledge and happiness of contribution. I feel great reapect to the effort, honesty, personality the team puts. And I love all these little hidden gems like o in home. Thank you!

Inga Baltrušaitė

Future Crunch is a fabulous rejoinder to the heaviness that can come with dealing with the challenges of a week or from being powerless in front of the endless litany of travails of the human society. I see the email and already I feel my spirits lifting. I'm in for real life information of the improvements being made across the planet. I am energised that my actions to make a difference will add to those improvements and become part of real visible change in the world.

Owen Allen

I think it's great to have a counter example to standard news fare. I send out a weekly bad news-letter to 230 people and the nonsubscriber FC to the same group. Almost all comments received back are about FC and they are all positive.

Larry Gioannini

Future Crunch is a smart and optimistic round up of positive stories that don’t get enough light shone on them in mainstream news. I’ve found several great newsletters and writers through their recommendations. And I always finish a newsletter feeling a bit more hopeful about the future, which is important in these turbulent times.

Marita Hunt

I like it for its optimism and for being willing to hunt out positive news in the world and for supporting charities and orgs that may be too small to receive support from large donors. I like that it gives me an opportunity to leverage my small donation into a bigger one that can be more effective.

Estelle Scott

It is a source for information not covered by mainstream media. The availabiltiy of curated positive news is invaluable to me. I recommend you all the time to friends and co-workers.

Sara Dickerson

Future Crunch is a thoughtful, concise and yet diverse positive newssheet. It provides inspiring stories in dark and challenging times without avoiding the fact that these are indeed challenging times. It promotes the power to create positive change for our planet without any rhetoric, simply by giving factual information and inspiring examples.

Maria Deutsch

Future Crunch is a tasty tonic against cynicism and despair. Get real. Get Future Crunch!

William Timothy Murray

Future Crunch is news I look forward to. It educates, informs and uplifts. It is the organic salad in my non-stop corporate media diet. I'm always so grateful to see it in my inbox.

Tigue Little

You always prod my optimist side, but sometimes assume knowledge and scope that only your generation possess.

Jeff Mellows

I love it, it makes me feel that there is some hope for this poor old wrecked planet

Rose Hand

it's amazing, i share it with my family who still watch channel 7 every night. Needless to say we have very different opinions on what really matters in real news!

Jamie Ware

It's inspirational and reminds me that there's good things happening in the world. They probably more than balance out the bad! I love sharing the ideas in the newsletter with others and actively promote it with my friends and colleagues.

Sarah Garner

I love reading Future Crunch. It makes such a change from all the bad news we hear every day, and it challenges me to see the positives from all parts of the world, including those I normally see in a negative light.

Helen Ross

I read every Future Crunch message that drops into my inbox from start to finish, and I have never once been disappointed. The curators serve up a mixture of tech, environmental, economic and social news with a focus on positive developments that get under-reported by regular news media because a) they're about long-term trends rather than immediate catastrophe, b) they stem from concerted, collective action rather than a flashy act by a single celebrity, c) they happen in places that most western media don't care about or d) all of the above. I continue to recommend the newsletter to family and friends, and have signed up more than one as a result.

Paul Douglas

This is a regular pick me up in a put you down world. It’s vital we get perspective on what’s happening around the planet which is positive. I’d love to get this out to schools somehow where kids are getting way too much doom.

Ali Sparkes

In short, I read it to recover my faith in humanity and remind myself that there are also a lot of good things happening in the world. I always learn something, but the "soothing" kind of learning :)

Diego Gonzalez

I look forward to it landing in my inbox each week. It helps remind that the world is mainly full of good people doing great things.

Tim Benson

I love it, it cheers me up when I'm dispairing at the world. It also inspires me what real life/ good people are like (ie giving lifetime for a single cause) rather than the images from TV/film. The breadth of subjects helps me read a wide range of interesting thought provoking topics. It makes me realise I can do something positive too.

Neil Greenham

At a time of such doom & gloom for a lot of people, Future Crunch is a great way to get over ourselves, and be reminded of all the good things that happen, the things that are important to our future.

Sue Farrell

It's a wonderful orienting antidote to a doom scrolling worldview. It reminds me that there is a momentum and reality to the world making slow and steady progress via human decency.

Aaron Crowe

Future Crunch combs news stories from all over the world and highlights good things that are happening. Advances in medicine, human rights, science, climate change markers are all reported. Rarely are any of the many fascinating stories ones I have heard about anywhere else.


My favourite newsletter of all times! Even after a year, I am looking forward to reading each edition. It's a welcome antidote to the "everything is getting worse all of the time" news sites.

Kerstin Kühne

It’s inspiring and it’s awesome, where you get all the good news from. I like your stance, that reading good news does not mean closing our eyes in front of the dangerous and perils. But looking on to the side, where people try to change things. This way of perceiving and acting is strongly needed

Rainer Schwing

Future Crunch has been a lifeline for me. Giving me an insight into how we can make a better future for all

Gráinne Kennedy

No chance to say more playlists, loved that last one , and the info diet! But

“Affirming and intriguing science and cultural news that responds to the great global challenges of our time.

Alistair Jones

Future Crunch gathers the most positive and exciting news from around the globe (that isn't reported by the mainstream media outlets) and distils it into a very enjoyable and accessible read. This is news that lifts you up and gets you excited about the great strides that are happening on this planet in conservation, science and technology, social justice, climate change and more.

Leah Slater

Future Crunch is a weekly dose of highly curated and quality news covering the important topics of current affairs and stores that don't make enough front pages in mainstream media. The newsletter is a must read for anyone who wants a break from the partisan sound bites and doom & gloom that pervade our current media landscape.

Mike Adams

I need good news in my life and can’t help getting depressed when I read my usual news feed. Future crunch provides a much needed sense of balance in my news consumption. I recommend them to everyone.

Danielle Fleming

To prevail, through all the current uncertainties (VUCA) we humans need to have reasons to believe and Future Crunch is the place I go to top up mine!

Simon Scott

An essential part of my life. Prevents doom scrolling and the impression that the world is getting worse instead of better.

Jesse Wright

As major media highlights fearful events, Future Crunch provides an opportunity to discover what is being done that gives us hope and inspiration to continue our own work, as well as go deeper into the sources provided. Thank you for keeping this activist sane!

Maureen KellenTaylor

It never stops amazing me how the young think the end of the world is nye. I have lived through at least 5 crisis worse than climate change and Poo tin. We all (but particularly the young) need FC.

Peter Sharpe

Most uplifting information every week - I love it! Future Crunch reveals the truth about real progress and positive improvements happening around the world right now. While most of what passes for news on major outlets consists of one-off horror stories, Future Crunch focuses on the major, hard work of people who are bringing real, positive change to the world.

Lee Coursey

Future Crunch is the rare exception to "if it bleeds, it leads." News has become sensationalized entertainment meant to sell ads. Future Crunch provides a rare counter-narrative, showing the hidden progress being made around the globe every day.

Charles Durkee

Future Crunch shows me what humanity is accomplishing that makes me proud and inspired. It changes how I approach my day, and that changes the impact that I have.

Scott Woods

This is the antidote to traditional news, focussing on triumph rather than failure, and letting us lift our heads and feel some pride in humanity.

Liz Macfie

Future crunch is a breath of fresh air in my week, it does the hard job of filtering through media, science and technology to bring a balanced perspective to what is happening in the world. I look forward to this every week!

Nina Tu’i

Future Crunch is a Beacon of Hope in the sea of media.

It seeks out real healing and progress that inspires us to persevere and "never give up", as the Dalai lama says.

Jane Batt

A great source of inspiring and informative ‘news’, packaged up with links to dive deeper into long articles (by others). Heavily weighted towards science, technology and nature, but regular ‘news’ doesn’t cover enough of these important subjects, so a good antidote to the shit being pumped out 24/7 to keep us hooked on their ‘product’.

Alastair Norton

Future Crunch is a bright spot in the deluge of negative news. It is a place I enjoy visiting to discover there is still good news to be had. Future Crunch helps me to feel hopeful about now and the future.

Heather Mather

As a young environmental educator, I'm a Future Crunch fan! Diverse, hopeful, interesting, shareable, encouraging, well-researched and really accessible reading. An essential for this Millennial's "good news diet". Keep up the great work team!

Ben Howes

Future Crunch is a breath of fresh air in the news field, and a must read for me weekly.

Dan Minea

I think Future Crunch represents and speaks for the good in humanity. FC is part of the light and positivity that exists in our world to counter the dark and sadness. I lean into their good news and postings weekly or fortnightly to also light the candles of others who feel down in their lives or of the world, as we are surrounded by so much noise and terrible news. I genuinely believe they are a force of GOOD that will and must continue to be a shining example and reminder of what we are capable of, and the magic that is already all around is. Thank you!!

Jonathan Lee

Future Crunch is an indpiring reminder that so much is possible. It's my biweekly antidote to the overwhelming and misplaced narrative that "the world is falling apart". I'm excited when it hits my inbox every time.

Laurel Carlton

Future Crunch seems to arrive in my inbox just when I’m needing a boost of positivity. I live in London which as most of the world knows, has turned into a little cesspool of far right nonsense and an out of control government creating the worst cost of living crisis we’ve ever seen. Thank you for reminding me that other kinder places exist off this island.

Nicole Costello

A ray of optimism that has turned around my vision of humanity’s future from almost hopeless to ‘bring it on!’.

Tim Scrace

The only news worth reading. It’s really important to get a feel for the progress we are making as a species. The results of a lot of people working really hard.

Mitchell Lew

Cheaper than therapy! I get excited every time I see this land in my inbox.

Jessica Therese

Future Crunch is the antidote to doom scrolling. It’s a lovely reminder of all the good that human beings are capable of and actively engaged in.

Eric Kissack

As I said in my previous two answers. I was so happy to have found Future Crunch because it gives me an escape from all the negativity and brings hope for our future as a race. Hope leads to action. Thank you!

Scott Smith

Future Crunch is where my brain goes to read about the good, amazing things that are happening in this world that aren’t reported on in conventional media. Part of my essential media consumption.

Andrew Treasure

This is the news feed and philanthropic business that is the world I want.

Oliver Bergel

Amazing newsletter that speaks to areas and interests far more wide ranging than the average newsletter. I learn so much from this newsletter every week and without it would get locked in the whiny, doom-cycle that is most mainstream news. Also as a transplant from India to US, I love that this newsletter is truly global in its coverage of news, not focussed on the big news centers as it were

Nishanth Varghese

I love this newsletter! It’s not just good news, it’s a whole new way to look at the world. A brilliant antidote to the clickbait trend

Amy Goldin

FC is my favorite weekly email. There is so much good happening out there and they seem to be only source focusing and reporting on it. I highly recommend Future Crunch as an antidote to all the toxic bad news of other media!

Stuart Lacy

Love what you guys are doing! Always makes me feel hopeful after typical bleak news stories and not enough action on climate change

Marisa Gonzalez

it is really a source of good and inspiring news, especially about activities and successes in countries about which you normally only hear the bad news, which for some reason are deemed more newsworthy. You are getting it right and I do appreciate your research work and pass relevant snippets of it on to others.

Inge Bremer

I find your short snippets interesting. I really like the newsletter but maybe a bit shorter OR make it into a couple of newsletters with different subjects (might be more work for you).

Claudia Weber

I have talked about you everywhere, you bring something into the world that I can respect for its intelligence and content. You bring hope through the great articles about the excellent work being done all over the planet. You are not restricted in your coverage you cover the planet and that is where we live not in a chauvinist enclave called Australia.

Jennifer Gee

I think Future Crunch is a necessary balm to the energy of the general news media.

People in general do not realize how a constant barrage of negative news is harmful to our systems and affect how we see the world. Please continue your good work.

Donna Baker-Gilroy

I love having a source of news that's positive and non-sensationalist to help redress some of the imbalance in the media.

Shital Shah

It restores my faith in humanity, gives me hope and offers an island of good news in a sea of soul destroying media. I also love that by subscribing to good news I help good causes too!

Andrew Norton

Future Crunch is my weekly “go to” for inspiration, and to renew my passion & commitments to address the climate emergency.

Rob Robson

A needed perspective of the important part of modern life that is generally considered’not newsworthy’—- the achievements of real folks who are contributing daily to alleviate suffering and solve the complex problems of our time

Susan Steele

I am always pleased to see this appear in my inbox. I read it for the good news but it often brings me to tear up, finding out about the good stuff human beings can do sometimes

Tim Skinner

I think it’s inspiring that with what you hear in most news outlets that you bring such positive information to us.

I look forward to what you discover since your last newsletter.

Regina Mastrogiacomo

FC is the antidote to most of the news I read, which only tells me how the world is getting worse. By highlighting the good in the world on a weekly basis through their newsletter, I’m reminded that committed people can make a positive change in the world. And that makes me believe I can be one of them.

Raphael Gang

Future Crunch reminds me that despite politics, people all over the world are coming up with great answers to some problems we might think are insurmountable if we only looks at regular media

Lisa Pondsmith

I have to say that I am impressed. Rather than focusing on doom and gloom, you emphasise the potential for positive change. This is an important message, and I appreciate your optimistic perspective. I think Future Crunch is doing valuable work, and I hope more people will check them out.

Gautam John

Future Crunch regularly finds inspiring and encouraging news articles that show people can work together to help wildlife, support each other, and fight climate change. Future Crunch is a sorely needed oasis in a desert of negative-only news.

Stefan Tucker

I am excited when I get a newsletter from Future Crunch! I know each one is going to motivate me to keep making change in my own community and feel connected to the positive progress happening around the world.

Elizabeth Dunham

No matter how rotten or black my week, receiving the Future Crunch email lifts my spirits and brightens my life. When you think the world is not going to hell in a hand basket, but is already there, just read Future Crunch. You won't believe how much good news is out there.

Karen Kirtland

I think future crunch is a refreshing and informative dive into the good things happening around the world. Too rarely do we hear about positive developments. It brings optimism and joy into my life. I also LOVE the work they do to boost charities.

Matthew Irons

I have been reading this newsletter for years and I still have a smile on my face everytime I go through it! It brings me a wave of relief and hope when i read all these greats news around the world

Fanny Willieme

Future Crunch is a blessed relief and as a working journalist I can't count the number of times I've referred to, quoted and blatantly plagiarised your material (all in a good cause of course).

Tony Galvin

A regular pocket of positive news and action drops into my inbox. I may not read it today but I can guarantee I'll read it and find something I have to share. The perfect antidote to the daily hate or "we are all doomed" stream of conventional news

Iola Ashaw

FC is an incredible news source, focusing on positive, important news stories about humanity, the planet, and the cosmos. It restores my faith in our species and encourages me to be a part of the solution!

Danielle Schefer

Future Crunch is a breath of fresh air in an atmosphere of toxic negativity. I’ve recommended it to many people.

Neil Cowan

I appreciate the uplifting nature of the newsletter. Also content which I did not know about and am pleased to read. And the donations to worthy causes part, too.

Karenina Damian

Future crunch is amazing and my favourite newsletter. I genuinely get excited when a new edition comes into my mailbox.

Michael Jones

I love Future Crunch. Every time I read it I get inspired and encouraged to believe that good things do happen in the world.

Ulli Sir Jesse

Future Crunch is an inspiring newsletter keeping me up to date on all of the good things going on in the world, helping relieve the negativity of the normal news. I learn new things, am inspired by the progress in the world and enjoy the writing each week.

Elias Fallon

The world of published knowledge is big and often bad. Future Crunch serves up slices of the good, enough to nourish happiness and optimism in us all. It is value beyond measure; it gives me hope.

Dan Campbell

Future Crunch brings positive developments of science to my Inbox every week. Every edition calms my global anxiety, teaches me about scientific research, and confirms the goodness of humanity.

Phyllis Sheridan

Future Crunch brilliantly brings together real stories by and about real people who understand this world still has amazing potential for tremendous good. A much needed antidote to all the pointless doomsaying.

Bless you all!

Margaret Swift

My go to site for finding hope in the world. When so many sites are aimed at dividing us, future crunch finds the best parts of the world that let me know we are all in this together.

Ted Sneed

FC is doing an awesome job showing the progress humankind is making on all fronts - social, ecological, scientific etc. It’s a welcome change from mainstream media.

David Bruér

Future Crunch is one of the highlights of my reading week. The focus on positive news, in a world full of negativity, is a bright light that provides optimism that there are positive actions being undertaken in the world every day.

Mark Purcell

Future Crunch is the antidote to doom scrolling. It is interesting, relevant, global, and well written. They put their money where their mouth is with their charitable work, and they're just nice people.

Mike Yost

Future Crunch's reporting is a useful balance to the preponderance of news reporting humanities worst effects. Sometimes we get things right. More often than we notice.

J Paul Sokal

A weekly smorgasbord of interesting, amazing stories that makes me smile and ponder…. I feel like a kid on Christmas morning every time I open my email and see the new edition!!

Christina Graham

An incredible source not just for 'feel-good' stories but for truly amazing news that doesn't make it onto big media sources. A window into the mind-blowing progress our world is actually making. Chock-full of science & technology as well as environmental & social justice. Always lifts my spirit and raises my hopes for the future.

Olivia Lima

I love reading about the positive things that are happening in our world and find it a helpful balance to the negative and sensationalist stories that I hear elsewhere. I recommend Future Crunch often and with great passion.

Anna Bethke

Future crunch provides well researched and easy to read news stories about the many positive changes and initiatives that are happening world wide, with a good dose of humour and personality.

Lindley Clements

In a time when it seems only scary news is happening, Future Crunch comes through with good news about tons of different subjects. Really gives me hope for tomorrow!

Carol Skinner

Future Crunch is one of the best sources of news available. I am happy to support it financially and recommend it to others. I always find something useful both personally and professionally in each edition and it has a positive impact on my mental health.

Mark Webster

I love it. It’s one of the highlights of my week, and I share your stories widely with friends and family.

Kathleen Wall

I think you guys are doing a great service for the world and I think you guys should keep going in the direction you are going as a place of reference and other great news is 'Democracy Now' it's an excellent resource for context to anything that's happening in the world and overall I think you should highlight women and women's issues more deeply and broadly

Siva-Khan Van Diggele

Inspiring and refreshing coverage of innovative ideas, helping to create a better world.

Paul Henson

Future crunch is one of my most trusted sources of news on the internet. It’s a counterpoint to our human instinct to look for threats and negativity and my weekly reminder that hope for the world is justified.

Dan Woodford

Future Crunch is my favourite dose of hopefulness. It is well crafted, articulate and interesting and I couldn't recommend it more.

Courtney Cooper

My favorite newsletter I get. Recommend it to everyone.

Joshua Parish

There is so much bad news forcing it’s way in to our lives. I’m glad I can invite Future Crunch in to my home, sit down and be reminded that there’s a lot of good stuff happening too. I also occasionally learn stuff!

Richard Pilkington

Ever since I came across your newsletter it’s been a favorite of mine. When a new one comes into my mailbox I find time during that day to enjoy reading through every little point. There is so much negativity in the world, so having a newsletter like this is so great. Keep up the excellent work guys.

Fredrik Granlien

It is my regular dose of informed optimism. We are making progress, the world is still full of amazing people doing amazing things.

Mary Ivy Noone

Great collection of true stories and interesting news that you're probably not seeing elsewhere. It is a beacon of hope, and a distributor of facts to support rational thinking and update perceptions of the wonderful astral body we share.

Ryan Martin

Future Crunch gives us a great, informative, and upbeat newsletter. It provides hope for a brighter future and reminds us that we are all in this together. The world can be a positive sum game rather than the zero sum power struggle that many have been conditioned to believe is reality.

Zeb Thompson

Future crunch is essential. I work in climate solutions and training. FC gives me the best info I get anywhere, every 2 weeks!

Will Grant

I think it's a good initiative and it's fab how it's grown. I enjoy getting good news into my inbox, and being able to share articles with others - FC is an important resource for me, and is my main source of news.

Nia Wildblood

Future Crunch provides a fresh whip around the world of creativity, science and pretty much anything newsworthy that's making change for the better. You'll feel better after reading it.

Fiona Lang

Future Crunch is an excellent resource bringing forth good news from around the world from many forums. The news summaries are a perfect way to get the gist of an article and the links give access if one wants to go into a deeper dive into the topic. Each news letter provides a view of what's going right in the world and provides a much needed positive outlook. Thank you for bringing the good news to light. I wish it was more broadly consumed.

Kathy Hinder

An uplifting, eclectic updating of human progress with a focus on real people, science and techie stuff. A newsletter that makes me smile, laugh and wonder every time I read it.

John Godfrey

Connecting with Future Crunch has had a profound influence on my capacity to hold an optimistic attitude while acknowledging - even grieving - the horrors of our lives, relationships with each other & with the Earth. Not just via their curation of information but by sharing their own feelings & experiences of life. Thank you so much Future Crunch.

Katwin Gibson

When news is puff pieces , sound bites and negative it is a welcome change to have news that is positive and informative.

Sean McConville

Love that Future Crunch reports news that inspires us that the human race can do some things right and has a track for the future that is positive

David Wickstein

You guys obviously focus on the facts, but I really like the personal vibe in which you relay al the information, so that it feels more like an update from likeminded friends rather than just a collection of news articles

Dan See

Even as a grad student Im willing to pay to support FC. Always makes my day to learn about good stuff that gets lost in the noise. Recommend to all my friends, family, and colleagues!

felicity meyer

Future Crunch is providing a crucial breath of fresh air to my intake of news. Humanity is actually solving major problems and healing our planet. You wouldn’t know it from normal news outlets, but you will with Future Crunch

Pedro Marques

Future Crunch fills my optimism bucket by linking me to progress in things I care about (environment, climate, human rights). I come away feeling more positive about the world and energised from the knowledge that there are so many working for the public good.

Anna Straton

Traditional news sells by fear. You sell they hope.

Deborah Cardenas

Wonderful heartfelt and right on news on the bright side

Patricia OConnor

I don't really know so much about what you do as a business/organisation, but I love reading your "products", the newsletter and I remember reading a pdf you put together about 10 skills that employees of tomorrow need (or something like that ). Loved that too.

Phyllis Rachler

Future Crunch shows it's not all going to hell. There are some things going on in the world for the common good and shows the evidence for thinking this way.

Jim Williams

FC is the positivity signal in a sea of negative noise

Justin Lukach

Very very good. Dont change

Matthew Holt

Future Crunch is always exciting to see in my inbox. I like the combo of short summaries and links to the longer articles, so I can get the gist and then dive deeper if I want. But the best thing, of course, is the positive slant instead of the fear-based clickbait in most meda.

Kim Lorenz

It fills me with inspiration and hope. Keep doing what you're doing!

Roshan Paul

Good news, cool science and practical kindness. Excellent

Leia Fee

I think it's brilliant that Future Crunch provides such great positive stories. Without it a person could become rather despondent.

Sylvia van der Peet

After enduring the depressing evening TV news, read Future Crunch to restore the balance!

Colin Forster

A brilliant ray of good news sunshine on a stormy horizon

Mike Harwood

It is an enjoyable read, encouraging and enlightening. It shows that the IS hope in a troubled present.

Barbara Slavinski

Something different and honest in a world of misinformation

Terry West

Future Crunch is an insightful, thoughtful and provocative news site that rigorously investigates the now and our future.

Jason Kimberley

Future Crunch is the antidote to bad news focused mainstream media

Stuart Westmore

Gives me hope.

Zoltán Velkei

FC is a great contribution to keeping our world citizens aware.

William Elbring

Traditional news media focus bad news. Future crunch shows that, actually, things are getting better. And it is written by nice people.

Dab Connors

An inspiring and well-researched read on the way the world is, not how main-stream media tell us it must be.

Natalie Phillips

I enjoy it and it is good to get good news!

Steven Mann

The greatest contribution is synthesizing info

sally hunter

optimistic news round up with great science and great insights

david pescod

The best place for real good news, a place to shore up hope against the tsunami of ugliness that is mainstream media. After reading the newsletter, I regain hope in the future. Real hope, tinged with frustration that I’m not getting this information elsewhere.

Agnieszka Dobrski

It's a well-researched, well written antidote to all the negative news one tends to receive from almost all other sources.

Ian Threadgill

Future Crunch is Positive, forward looking reporting, not just 'Good News' but information, a boost to moral, it gathers Hope together

Anna Lawrence

An inspiring source of positive news on human development and technological and scientific progress. I'm always looking forward to reading it and passing on highlights to my family.

Jakub Holý

Future Crunch is what made me realise how much there is yet to be hopeful about. They made me realise that all our small efforts matter.

Denis Rivin

I highly appreciate having someone scan the media for uplifting stories. It is great to have links to sources so we can read further if we want to.

Lucy Pulitzer

Brilliant and I talk about it to my friends who bemoan the 'news'

Marian Fell

If you want to cheer up about the state of the world, read Future Crunch

Julie Melton

I think that it is an extremely valuable service. In a world where bad news is the order of the day, it shines out as source of intelligent optimism.

Sam Curtis

It turns out there is good news, in fact a lot of it. Find it first in Future Crunch!

Dana Stabenow

One of the best things out there

Vered Ehsani

Don’t miss. Like the hyper links. Tone is spot on

Randall Wood

The best newsletter around!

Timothy Vandeputte

Great source for a holistic viewshed on things that are going right in the world.

Sarna Salzman

I recommend it to people who need to know the world is working

Christina O’Toole

I look forward to receiving my FC newsletter. It has really interesting stories from a wide range of sources that I would never have read otherwise. Bravo!

Rosemary Foulds

I have been getting the FutureCrunch newsletter for years now and it honestly always cheers me up. In a news cycle that is usually full of doom and gloom, FutureCrunch gives me hope every time I read it.

Anna Ottersbach

The best antidote to doomscrolling you’ll ever find.

Jess Hutchison

Future Crunch it is full of good news I don't find out about anywhere else. I'm always pleased to see it in my inbox and always make time to read it.

Rosie Kaplan

FC is a science-based poem celebrating humanity’s potential

Richard Dallett

I value it extremely highly

Nanette Kerrison

I look forward to reading it as it isn't doom & gloom reporting

Les Dickson

Uplifting positive news that needs to be heard. Future Crunch gets it right with relative news of hope and progress towards the good.

Richard Obrien

I think positively of it. A worthwhile read, in a world that can be news overloaded.

Coralie Reich

I like the vibe/feel of you guys/girls, your info is informative and uplifting, and enjoy the humour too.

Tim Foreman

Future Crunch is a welcome respite from all the negative news in the world. It's wonderful to know that not everything is going to shit

robert rosenwald

It’s fantastic

Evan Alexander

I enjoy the perspective of this newsletter. Pointing out successes offsets some of the torrent of disasters being reported ad nauseum.

Bill White

Such a relief to have a good news outlet when mostly distressing and doom and gloom news bombards us from all sides.

Laurie Hyland

I read it thoroughly and look forward to getting it.

Cher Gilmore

Future crunch puts the happenings of the world into perspective not just the headline grabbing tragedies but also the many other victories around the world and make our lives better

Daniel Williams

Future Crunch provides me with a view of the people in the world who are forging positive and meaningful change. FC dilutes the deluge of negativity in our present news media.

Norman Gleadow

Ah, Future Crunch, how I love thee! STEM nerds, goofballs at heart, making optimism serious business. For this idealist realist, you are the antidote to the bitter political pill we have swallowed here, and a blessed reminder to look beyond our narrow selves, inspired by those who can see the bigger picture. Thank you!

Val Mallinson
Portland, United States

I love that you exist. I open your email first thing in the morning and it is like opening my eyes in a world I really want to be in. You make me proud of humans and put me in awe of what we can accomplish with discipline, direction and digital communication. By the way your writing style is exceptionally good too and I feel like I am having a chat with my older brother (who has always been able to explain anything to me). Now I could go on but I won't because the latest edition is waiting for me there, plump and bulging with good vibes, in my inbox and I am keen to start my day in the best possible way! Keep up the great work. You are appreciated.

Jennifer Quinn
Florence, Italy

Future Crunch is the only newsletter that I've ever recommended, and I recommend it to everyone. It's the perfect antidote to the avalanche of negativity, misinformation and flat out bullcrap that forms the majority of our media these days. It's also the perfect format to allow a quick skim with the links to articles giving the option of a deep dive.

Alex Hender
Perth, Australia

I love the deliberate attempts to smash some real positivity in my face. With winter I regularly despair. I 'bank' issues of this newsletter to pull out when I really need to hear the side of the world that my brain assumes doesn't exist. Thank you immensely.

Melbourne, Australia

I LOVE Future Crunch, and before it was easy to share on Facebook, I regularly copied and pasted the “good news you probably didn’t hear about” section. I have forwarded it to many, and would if I could, in my most relaxed fashion, shake by the shoulders and threaten bodily harm to those not subscribing as a result. I want everyone to know about Future Crunch and all the positive things happening beneath the horrifying and heart-stopping nonsense coming out of our fake government. And a few other so-called governments. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you for your determined and disciplined effort. There’s a lot of love in Future Crunch, and I deeply appreciate it.

Janet Mather
Philadelphia, United States

Hey, just wanted to say I LOVE your newsletter! It's basically the only e-news that I always read - compared with most other where I skim or just delete. It's full of fascinating knowledge nuggets, entertaining GIFs, and a bunch of stuff I'm not smart enough to understand (but wish I was). Reading it makes me just feel... well happy and positive about the world :) Where else do you get that in your inbox? Thanks, keep up the great work!

Andrea Alger
Double Bay, Australia

I'm a pragmatist, living on a small tropical island, who works in Haiti in community relief and education for about 6000 people. A science-based viewpoint is very alien there, and increasingly here in a US territory also, which I've found very discouraging and dispiriting - particularly since election season! Your newsletter which I always post to Facebook for a wide variety of friends to see, is heartening for me, and many of them, in a way that's almost inexplicable to a secularist. I am very grateful.

Mandy Thody
Monroe, United States

Future Crunch has helped me de-clutter my inbox. I unsubscribed from so many other lists because the sheer contrast from its brilliance to the pile of crap one usually receives was suddenly painful. I neglect my life when The Crunch hits my inbox. I will leave things burning on the stove, ignore any request made of me - come hell or high water I will read every word. Or, I follow my husband around the house, reading it to him aloud, whether he's about to walk out the door or trying to fall asleep. Then I clutch my tablet to my chest, eyes all a-sparkle (the way I imagine people felt about their nightly newsreader in the 70s) and say 'Isn't it just great?' until the cycle repeats itself two weeks later. I am now that intense person at a dinner party, telling everyone how they HAVE TO get this newsletter, hustling for it like I'm paid a commission.

There is so much self-serving noise online these days, weakly disguising itself as a valuable contribution. Future Crunch feels like a gift. A hard-won, deeply intelligent, thoroughly inspiring gift to all of us. Though I'm not American, and neither are they, is this what 'Hope and Change' can feel like? The lack of visibility around positive news stories is a major problem, with consequences we can all see every day - rampant cynicism and apathy. But it's a problem Future Crunch is taking on like a boss. Reading their stuff will make you want to celebrate, to support, to take part, without a trace of irony, but with a sense of humour intact. Give yourself the gift of feeling so much better about the future.

What Future Crunch is doing is important. It's honest and courageous, smart and entertaining. How many free newsletters out there leave you feeling sincerely inspired about the potential of the human race? If you're not already reading it, OH MY GOD why aren't you reading it?!?

Katie Gertsch
Vancouver, Canada

You're my knight in shining armour. When everyone's just nodding how bad the world is these days, you give me something else to talk about. Keep up the only newsletter you don't want to unsubscribe from!

Peter Minarik
Berlin, Germany

Here’s some feedback…First backstory: I have a kid who feels the world a bit more intensely than the usual kid. In grade 6 he was despairing because the curriculum consisted of lessons on volcanoes and other disasters and climate change. He was also in a pull out class that talked about things like the sun exploding – and the other kids were excited about these things! Misery. It made me search for good news…and I found you. Love your newsletter. My only suggestion is maybe make it more visual. So big image, scroll down to a bit of a longer story. That said, you likely have excellent reasons for doing it the way you do – easier to send/more consistently presented to all readers/short points = easier to read (links so you can read more if you like) etc. In any case – keep on keepin’ on! Please. You give us hope.

Chrystal Shaw
Vancouver, Canada

Thanks for the newsletter! Your newsletter fills my browser up with tabs, and I'm not even mad about it! No but for reals, thanks for spreading the good, for being better than mass media, for taking the time to sift through the interwebs to find the true unsung heroes. Its always a delight to find you in my inbox. From the techies to the normals, you have something for everyone, and even if I don't know what all these sci words mean, I know they’re doing big things! (More gifssssssssssss!). OK im done. keep crushin it.

Nora Al-Rayes
Kuwait City, Kuwait

I don’t normally reply to newsletters. Actually, I usually put a lot of effort into not receiving them in the first place. The irate ‘WHY DID YOU SIGN ME UP TO THIS????’ message is usually from me. I use ad blockers, try hard not to leave boxes ticked, and generally delete circular emails without opening. I hate adverts. I rarely watch TV, and when I do I turn down the volume for the ads and look at my phone. So, I am not easy to reach and I have the patience of a honey badger.

But then my hubby sent me a copy of Future Crunch (bless him, he keeps trying to interest me in stuff). I actually liked it. I’ve just read two things that really made me stop and think in Future Crunch 40. One was the article about privacy when going through airports, with the link to the Wired article, and the other was the Good News section. I love that section, because normally news sources are so depressing. You would think from the average newspaper / online source that humanity is just a snarling mass of animals (no, animals are not as bad as we can be) tearing at each other’s throats, with no capability for kindness, selflessness or long term planning. So, it is such a pleasure to read stories in your Good News section of real progress, real things that I’d given up hope of ever happening, like Pakistan moving forward on human rights, tobacco use sharply dropping amoug young people in India, real action towards clean energy by the Macron government, and more. Thank you. Keep it up.

Nina de Salis Young
Burton on the Wolds, United Kingdom

Since I subscribed to your newsletter few months ago (don't even remember how I knew it !), I am eager to receive news that I don't find anywhere else. I really like the way you write it, it is a real pleasure and fun moment to read it, while learning useful and interesting things. I usually share some articles on LinkedIn, and even use some of your science articles for my own newsletter about digital initiatives in life sciences I write every month for my job - working as a supply chain and life sciences consultant at Capgemini Consulting.

Thibaul Moulard
Paris, France

A colleague from work recommended me the newsletter and I read all of them since. I also recommend it to people whenever possible. I loved the idea and I like how's being executed, for me is great what you're doing. The classic "news" we are normally exposed to are mostly bad news and quite negatives. You provide a different view of the world. It doesn't mean the bad news don't exist but it's not the only thing that exist. I believe that what you focus your attention on grows and this is the kind of world I want to see grow. Thanks and keep up the good work

Javier Temponi
Newcastle, Australia

In early 2016, Future Crunch delivered a talk at an event I helped to organise. I introduced them, with no idea of what to expect. I sat wide-eyed in the audience and had my mind blown every few minutes, for a full hour. What I loved about their style was the relentless optimism and their ability to convey the sense of wonder at what science can do - the same sense of wonder that let me to become a high school science teacher in the first place. Every time I get their newsletter, it reminds me of that state of wonder, and I get a little piece of their style in my inbox. I always find a few things that I intensely enjoy reading, which is why I've recommended it to other people! I've never been a huge fan of newsletters before, but something about this one is different. It has style, pizzaz, and personality. Like a really good podcast.... that you read!

Emille Nachtigall
Melbourne, Australia

Two nights ago I had 3900+ unread e-mails and decided to mark them all as read. From then on I unsubscribed from almost all subscription e-mails I receive. There were heaps. However when I opened Future Crunch* I knew I couldn't unsubscribe. Too much good stuff I don't normally hear/learn about, but realise I need**. Sometimes I would be in a conversation and a friend remarks how the world has gone for the worse - but thanks to Future Crunch I would reply 'No, actually it's gotten much better. We just know more about the world, especially its horrors. For instance, this is actually the most peaceful era the world's ever been.'

*Admittedly I didn't unsubscribe from about 3-5 others (including Quartz, Fusion, and Oz's Daily Mail - not the UK one, ugh).
**Admittedly too I didn't get to read every newsletter of FC, but the ones I've opened have convinced me of how good this newsletter is.

Gerardo Luis Dimaguila
Melbourne, Australia

I'll keep it simple. Yesterday I used unroll.me to unsubscribe to dozens of newsletters. Future Crunch may be the only one I kept that 1) I actually opted in to and 2) is not a newsletter for some product/service that I've subscribed to/bought. Also, if it helps to know, I use Future Crunch as 1) a news source and 2) a content "feed" into my Pocket. The idea is, as long as Pocket gets their algorithms right, to generate really good recommendations based on the really interesting and sometimes niche stuff I find on Future Crunch (e.g. the story on the language of dolphins and the quietest room in the world in the last edition). Last thing, I often postpone opening the Future Crunch email until I'm in the right environment and mood to savour it fully : )

Jah Ying
Hong Kong, China

While I don’t often have time to read all your newsletter, I always find something inspiring in it that makes me want to sit up and say ‘Yeah! We totally need more focus on good news!’ Thank you for filling that gap and keep going strong – because the world is much bigger than the newspaper (or even the internet) and there is so much more to be inspired by than depressed about. When you dig deep into the human experience, you find so much hope, enthusiasm, resilience, compassion, social conscience, innovation and integrity that is not often reflected in the people the media think are noteworthy. Thank you for your discipline and commitment in getting this out there.

Rachel Harper
Hobart, Australia

The only newsletter I go looking in my junk folder for. A perspective shifting view of the world written in a refreshingly human way. I particularly enjoy the longer pieces on topics like quantum computing to electric vehicles – please keep them coming!

Ben King
London, United Kingdom

My best friend writes a newsletter called Hypatia Text Protocol, inspired substantially by novel information we'd discover and share. 'The Crunch' is the closest thing to that that I've found, so in short: The Crunch is like having my best friend writing exactly what I needed to hear, in newsletter form.

Simon Hildebrandt
California, United States

Honestly? I don't (can't?) always read the whole newsletter. When my heart is breaking with all the bad out there, sometimes I can scarcely manage to skim for a few small glimmers of good news. When I'm doing better, I save it for when I have time to read the whole thing, savouring the positivity and (dare I say it?) coolness. And in almost every edition I've found something to share with others who need what you offer. So congrats on your 40th, thanks for doing what you do, and please keep going.

Tereza Brown
Rutledge, United States

It is common for people to say
"What is wrong with the world today?!'
But, having perused the Crunch,
I can say "Oh, a bunch!
But not as much as there was yesterday!"

Keep up the good work!

Beata Khaidurova
Melbourne, Australia

Once a fortnight I am reminded that humanity is a beautiful thing, that the planet can be saved and the world is full of wonders. All that thanks to a random newsletter I signed up ages ago, from I don’t even know from what google search. I am an avid news reader and content curator. I’d like to think I have a reasonably good critical sense when it comes to finding impartial pieces of news, blogs and other medias. But I very often end up being quite depressed about the things I come across: war in Syria, terrorist’s attacks, etc… And I sometimes forgot there also are good things happening around. Maybe I just don’t pay enough attention, or weird algorithms all the way from the Silicon Valley decided that I was more of market value when shown violent events. Probably a bit of both and some more. Your newsletter is a breath of fresh air we all need. We all need to know “good” whatever form it might be is still out there. We need to know amazing humans are changing the world for the better every day. We need to know who are all part of it, and all capable of participate, no matter how small our actions are. Thank you for making my morning, my day and week better: you guys are doing an incredible work!

Sophie Gambet
Sydney, Australia

Earlier this year I began seeing a counsellor for extreme anxiety. Every time I would see my two girls, who are 2 and 4 years old, joyously engaged with their world, I would begin to cry, thinking of the dark and uncertain future that awaited them. I thought we would look back on this time as the best and brightest of their lives before an eventual collapse. I thought that there was no one in this world working as hard to preserve and progress as there were those seeking to squander and destroy.

But I was wrong. I started taking something to help me with my anxiety, and I started actively living in the moment and making what small changes I could in my own life to feel that I was making an impact, giving back. I also subscribed to your newsletter, whose every other week arrival in my inbox was an opportunity to reflect and rejoice over what's happening in our world. I have actually breathed a sigh of relief when I see it come in, and I always save it for a moment when I can savor every story. I have shared it with friends who are at risk of becoming as burned out as I was, and I share it again every time there is a particularly poignant story or piece of news.

Your newsletter renews and delights, and I am so grateful for the work you do each week to remind us what the world is really like, and what humans are truly capable of.

Jillian Kuhlmann
Cincinnati, United States

Guys, I'm a busy mum who has barely any time to keep up with regular email, let alone lengthy newsletters. I unsubscribed from every single mailing list in an attempt to get back the few previous seconds it takes me to delete my unnecessary emails. Except Future Crunch. I kept that. I don't always read it all, but I do try. So thanks and keep on with all the awesome!

Rosanna Bird
Boston, United States

The Future Crunch newsletter is definitely my favourite newsletter, overflowing with inspiring news and tidbits. It is truly amazing to read.

Marc Sejr Egge
Frederiksbjerg, Denmark

You are expected and welcome in my inbox. Grounded, entertaining and uplifting with a WOW moment embedded as a service for all of us to move forward…together.

Richard Eastburn
Cleveland, Ohio

I like that you’re not just a “feel good” newsletter, but that you write about real science and technology that is making the world a better place. I always find a couple of stories to pass on or to talk about with friends in this newsletter, and I always read it from start to finish.

Terry Gold
Adelaide, Australia

The Crunch is my much-needed break from the media onslaught of negative news. Every time I feel we are all just sitting on a time bomb that's hurtling through space at warp speed towards complete annihilation, this little electronic ray of photons reminds me good things are happening too. Plus it gives me fodder in discussions when my friends are being nihilistic misanthropes; I can always whip out a tidbit of exciting tech trivia before ecstatically screaming: "The future is here! You can't stop it! It's here!!"

Fam Charko
Melbourne, Australia

I don't care about the prizes or if you use this I just want to let you guys know you do an amazing job! I'd be hugely disappointed if the Future Crunch newsletter were to stop. It's always an entertaining read and is IMMENSELY refreshing after being flooded by news sources that (due to the market forces of media and the human psyche) focuses on sensationalised outrage which almost never takes into account the bigger picture. My favourite section as you may have gathered is the good news you may not have heard, I wish every news source in the world had a similar section. Please keep doing what you're doing!

Bryce Rogers
Lake Forest, United States

Since I discovered this newsletter in January, I have come to rely on it for a bit of good news in the midst of all the bad out there. We all need to hear something encouraging every so often just so we can keep going, you know? The Crunch provides that for me, in spades.

Rita Contois
Coquitlam, Canada

In a media environment where "if it bleeds, it leads", Future Crunch is a revitalizing infusion of red corpuscles. ;~)

Andrew Jackson
Vermont, United States

I wanted you guys to know that this is the only newsletter I voluntarily signed up for and actually can’t wait to read. Big fan, blabla, recommended it to most of my friends, blaba, keep up the work, blabla. Now that’s out of the way, I wanted to propose a different medium since I really dislike reading as it requires my eyes constantly. I would love to ‘tune in’ either a podcast or videocast and listen to the News in a way that doesn’t destroys my faith in humanity and leaves me uninspired, downhearted and soulless while my head is crouched over my hands like a foetus staring into a bright light emitting piece of glass. Thanks bye, another annoying Millennial

Samy Andary
Amsterdam, Netherlands

We have stopped listening to the morning news. Confrontational exchanges with politicians ducking, weaving or lying are not conducive to the calm ambience we want with our morning coffee. Online news gives us choice but mostly just bad news stories.
Future Crunch arrived in my Inbox this morning. Informative, interesting and tinged with humour, I always feel better for reading it. It extends my morning coffee time as it is relevant and optimistic and thus, valuable to me. Keep up the good work.

Sue Kennedy
Hobart, Australia

Before I discovered Future Crunch, I was drowning in a tsunami of bad, sad, ridiculous, sorry communications from Facebook, Twitter and Google News. I had already given up on my print sources. I had even become disillusioned with (gasp!) The New Yorker and The New York Times. Each day I tried to seek out and find stories that offered something relevant or hopeful or wise. My tortured soul knew that - somewhere out there - amazing things were taking place that no one was sharing, simply because the capitalist model has reduced our ability to appreciate free and intelligent. We've all become big suckers for bad news, we've all become addicted to drama and we are too often willing witnesses to the horrors that the traditional media have produced over the last few years.

Suffice it to say, when I read my first Future Crunch newsletter, I devoured it eagerly. Within minutes, I followed a link to the Long Now Organization, and began watching fascinating presentations that opened up a world of discussions with friends and colleagues. I was heartened by the good-news section and amazed at the quality of the content. In other words, I'm hooked! For the first time in a long time, I look forward to reading and sharing.

Lorrie Beauchamp
Montreal, Canada

Your newsletter is the only internet thing that has impressed my Latin-teacher husband in months. I forwarded him one, and he read the whole thing through and immediately subscribed. Make of that what you will, but I figure it must be a good thing.

Regina Chiuminatto
New York, United States

When I met Tane and Gus, my first thought was "these are men who, in another life, run a cult." It turns out you kind of do, but it's a nice cult called Future Crunch, so that's OK I guess. Keep on keeping on.

Sophia Frentz
Melbourne, Australia

FC is the only mail subscription I haven’t cancelled after a few mails. In contrast to others, FC provides me with concise and interesting info that I otherwise would have to spend a full day to grasp by myself. In addition, FC provides info that I otherwise might not have had come across myself. You’re a little bit like “Last week tonight with John Oliver,” but with a positive twist.

Sina Keshavarzi
Alaford, Sweden

I recently signed up to Future Crunch after seeing you speak at an event in Melbourne. Aaaanyway, I don’t normally read newsletters because the voice is either irritating or bland – but you guys have an honest positive vibe while being funny and interesting all at the same time. I am a kids book publisher (and reading heavy science or technology articles is definitely not my bag), so I really appreciate your abbreviated updates on all these interesting and positive breakthroughs – I have been harping on about the electric car revolution to anyone who’ll listen and I have these super-smart hipster science/tech guys (you) to back me up.

BTW – I also love having good news to bounce back at people when they’re depressed about the world in general. More cups half full are needed and you are helping to fill them.

Clair Hume
Melbourne, Australia

Personally I DO look forward to Future Crunch in my in-box every month. I can't recall how I came across this lovely gem that you produce; may have been following Twitter or Facebook breadcrumbs back you to to validate the truth of a story. Since that day, not long ago I became one of the people that greedily open your email to find what is good, true and pure in the world. There is so much negativity and your articles are a breath of fresh air against the rancid breath stench of fake news and Taco Tuesdays. Please keep on keeping on! We need you.

Patty Kennedy
Regina, Canada

I heart the good news stories. And the corgis.

Maggie Gamberton
Leeds, United Kingdom

You are good humans, and I very much appreciate you for what you're doing with this fantastic newsletter! If you carry the energy, intelligence, and levity you put into this fortnightly beauty into anything else you do, I'd be willing to bet you guys are shining lights to many people as this world is increasingly portrayed as a dark and chaotic place by our dying news organizations.

These news outlets, chasing ratings by engaging their audiences through the manipulative use of conflict, the attention-economy-social-media-filter-bubbles people are being sucked into as if falling down a rabbit hole, a general lack of journalistic integrity, the admiration of foolishness and mocking of intelligence are coalescing to make a lot of us feel a lack of hope for the present and future.

Corrupted values and short-term goals coming from institutions that are supposed to keep us informed are tearing individuals and communities apart. The need for thorough, critical, and balanced reporting with the purpose of contributing to a healthy and functioning democracy has never been more crucial in our lifetimes. It's said that the first causality of war is truth, and that the death of democracy follows closely behind this. The rate at which we are being bombarded with news about how horrible things are in the world is nothing short of an attack on truth, on our minds, our ability to cooperate with each other, and to govern our societies.

Future Crunch is a breath of fresh air. It helps me to remember that there are plenty of super cool, exciting, beautiful and fun things going on in the world, and that we have so much to be grateful for. Your writing and the information you share is inspiring and genuinely helps me to briefly escape the clutches of depression hanging over my life, in part, because of how inundated we are by the bad news bubble.

Thank you for what you do. It is absolutely necessary, and the ability to shed light on truth in times of darkness is a revolutionary act. Keep up the great work!

Dan Boivin
Toronto, Canada

I have written to you before to thank you for your informative and entertaining newsletter, and am doing so again. I feel it is important to let folks who are doing an outstanding job KNOW they are doing one, especially when it is an anonymous thankless item flying into the void like a newsletter. I pity those subscribers who leave your gift unopened.

Your newsletter always makes me laugh, smile and look up at least three links. As a futurist following many sources, your newsletter never fails to shine a light on a weak signal I had missed. Your authentic voice (though sometimes a bit of a potty mouth, didn’t your mothers teach you about not cussing in polite company) is so refreshing and makes me feel connected. Please, please don’t stop publishing!!

Kim C,
Tasmania, Australia

I stopped keeping up with main stream news and media some years ago because it routinely left me feeling like “the world is fucked and there’s nothing I can do about it”. Even if it were true, which thanks to Future Crunch I now don’t believe, that mindset is neither pleasant nor helpful to live with. First there has to be hope, then there can be change. Your newsletter is a wonderful antidote to all the pessimism and negativity out there and I love sharing it with people. Every fortnight I’m more hopeful about the world and amazed at the positive potential of the human beings. Thank you!

Bruce Horak
London, United Kingdom

Dear Future Crunch. I've been overstimulating myself since the age of 11 on the internet and I devour information much like I devour KFC. It's fun and mostly tasty, but it has dubious nutritional value. And I've had a bad batch of internet info from time to time, the real nasty kind that makes it hard to get out of bed for a long few days. Your newsletter lights up my inbox. It's healthy, it's cool, it's the mum's Sunday roast of my digital diet. You leave me feeling good, stronger and aspiring to cook up my own positive offering to the world. Thanks for your hard work and making the= world a better place, one email at a time.

Katie Westcott
Mountain View, United States

Ho! As an experienced, scarred troglodyte, I resent your ego-casting strategies half-wittingly designed to draw me back out into the light. I've already decided against suicide or survival-ism as too easy and pharmaceuticals as over-demeaning. I'm just patiently awaiting the end of everything; the heresy that there is hope after all has nearly driven me back to commenting on social media. Please stop, I am not a bitter caterpillar who merely awaits the sunrise of fact or reason to emerge from my chrysalis of despair! Save yourselves, the end is nigh!

John P. Chambers
Missouri, United States

I just wanted to say how greatly I appreciate your brilliant scientific minds and compassionate and philosophical hearts. Future Crunch instalments are consistently uplifting and wondrous gifts that sprinkle my day with joy, curiosity and the perfect measure of tangible magic! Thank you!!

Megs Tasker
Melbourne, Australia

I can't remember when I first subscribed, but I think it was some time in 2016. I've been frustrated with the focus on bad news for years and made a decision to not look at news sites back in the early 2000s. Having a source of good, well-researched, and science-based news via Future Crunch has been a breath of fresh air, especially in the fear-mongering climate that surrounds social media sites as of late. Thank you for the good and important work that you do.

Lia Pas
Alberta, Canada

One of the best newsletters on the Internet! Mind-blowing curation of trends. Regularly reaffirms my faith in the future. Plus the animated GIFs, have me roll on the floor laughing.

Michael Margolis
San Francisco, United States

I am replying to an email. With more than two sentences. Because I think the endeavour is worth encouraging to continue. This is an extra sentence in case the first two one don't pass the Grammar Nazi.

John Godfrey
Melbourne, Australia

I love Future Crunch and your 'glass is half-full' approach.

Rachel Coulter
Mountain View, United States

I woke up today to a grey, cold, dismal Sydney morning. I scrolled through my newsfeed as I ate my breakfast, seeing reminder after reminder about what a sad world we live in. People hurting other people. Bias and ignorance dividing us. I sat on the train to work, and noticed once again that nobody spoke to eachother. We all sat, face down, ignoring everyone around us. A mother struggled with her pram, an elderly gentleman was lost, and nobody helped.

When I got to work, I opened my emails and realised it was Future Crunch day. One day a fortnight, I have a reminder delivered to my inbox about how magnificent this world actually is. I read about how science is propelling mankind forward. I read good news stories about humanity. I felt a wave of calm rush over me as I was reminded that we are not what we see on TV, we are not what we read on Facebook. We are better. We are all in this together, and we are doing great things.

Future Crunch makes my world feel more colourful, less isolated, and less like Orwell’s 1984 than anything else. How very old. I think.

Lee Sayer
Sydney, Australia

Love your work. Any crew who can explain quantum entanglement and get excited by Nico Stojan in the same newsletter gets lots of points in my books. Keep on trucking...

Joel Segal
Melbourne, Australia

I do look forward to the good news every two weeks. This week we are traveling to the main salmon river bin Idaho. Something was different about the canyon along the price river in Utah. A whole coal fired power plant was gone! Right next to Utah's coal mining area. No fuss about it, just scraped off. Good news when one considers what is happening to oceans.

Jack Kloepfer
Tepic, Mexico

Love the newsletter. Great content - particularly a lot of things I miss otherwise - it is nice to see good news. My feedback would be to make it a bit less wordy - you have a lot of text - have a few more headings etc. And please cut out the f*****g bad language - I don't think you need it, your work stands out on quality alone. Great work - keep it up!!

Aaron McAleese
Melbourne, Australia

What a beautiful contribution to the world. 'For the average human being on the planet today, the world has never been a better place' - among all the bad, bad news we get shoved down our throats every day, this is such a breath of fresh air. It's this outlook and the spreading of positivity that inspires people to do better and be better, so thanks for cutting through the bullshit to bring this great big dose of goodness and light.

Ruth Glanzer
Pleasanton, United States

As one of the old guys over 55, white, male, baby boomer who all below that age dislike, blame and prod, it’s great to see the bright side of things. The same as we were told and we grew up with before media, and were told by mouth. A thing called face to face conversation, mostly by Mum and Dad. As I stand at my desk in an open plan office (really who’s idea was this cracker?) I want to let you know The Crunch is a great read. Just remember though - videos are great but sound travels, and the fun police are everywhere.

Phillip Newman
Sydney, Australia

In a media world of ever increasing sensationalism, fear-mongering and headline grabbing - Future Crunch is a shining light of optimism, positivity and excitement for me. I look forward to my fortnightly package of good.

Benny Phillips
Melbourne, Australia

Thank you for doing this! It's so nice to be reminded of all the good things happening in the world. I look forward to every one of your newsletters.

Brett Bethke
San Francisco, United States

Dear Future Crunch, It's so nice to get some good news in my inbox once a fortnight. I look forward to reading your emails. The optimism is contagious and the silly jokes make me smile. Also, I often accidentally learn things from your newsletter which is an awesome bonus. Looking forward to many more emails in the future

Richard Pilkington
Melbourne, Australia

Love your newsletter, really liked #39 intro about how getting a car will get cheaper than coffee. I'm somewhat surprised you did not go further with the peak oil part though as my first thought when I read that was "well that'll be the end of the Arab world and might start another world war." Also, for security reasons I do not allow my email programs to load external content, which means I cannot see some images in your newsletter. Which is fine as long as you put a text link to them but you don't always do that. This may or may not also affect your "open rate" numbers since I probably block those connections. Anyway, thanks for your work and keep it up.


Hey Nerd Gods, My 2c: IFLScience used to be a decent source of news. Now it is 99% clickbait. I'm glad my friend turned me on to your newsletter, so I can get updates on the science world that don't make me want to tear my eyes out, vomit on them, and stuff them back in their sockets. Your newsletter is as awesome as that imagery is disgusting :)

Emily Balczewski
New York, United States

I smile the whole way through. Your voice is authentic and I feel like I'm listening to a cool friend instead of a marketing bot. Each newsletter is so long that sometimes I can't get to it for a few days but having something intelligent to read is important, and I make time for it. Please keep them coming - in the US we need these reminders that we aren't the center of the world and that things are far from ending in fire and brimstone.

Jen Gokhale
Harvard, United States

You guys are the honey in the bitter tea of life; the artisanal jelly on the dry old crust of daily news; the unexpected wink from a cute guy once you've hit 40. keep it coming - it's the antidote to what we like to call reality but which is only half the story. So glad i found you guys!!!

Agnieszka D
Atlanta, United States

While I was reading this edition of the Crunch, I wondered if it would be possible to simply hit reply and tell you (whoever you are) how much I love receiving it. I'm a Dutch girl, living in Denmark at the moment, trying to find a meaningful job and in the mean time, trying not to drown in (self) pity or in bad news all over the world. One of my good friends (also Dutch) is living in Germany and is in a similar situation. I don't remember how I found out about you guys, but I do remember when I did, I HAD to sign up immediately and invite my friend right away (as we both tend do be a bit pessimistic). I do not regret that!

I receive many newsletters that I actually archive directly, but yours is kind of like my staying-positive drug. Same goes for my friend; we send each other links that we find in your newsletter to remind ourselves how beautiful the world actually is! I don't read every article (there is a lot of information in the newsletter), but every time your newsletter arrives in my inbox, I am relieved, because that means there has been some good news somewhere in the world. My favorite section is good news you probably didn't hear about, plus the gifs that follow any section.

THANK you for bringing good news to my every day life! Keep it up and sorry for the long and inconsistent message, looking forward to the next edition,

Ilse Haringa
Randers, Denmark

I look forward to your emails every day! When they appear in my inbox I make sure to keep them marked 'unread' until I have gone through all the articles that peak my interest. They really shine some light on my ride to work, and remind me that the world is an inspiring and positive place. Thanks for putting the effort in! You rock! :-) PS - can I have a job there? It just sounds like great fun. :-)

Eddie Brelsford
Blönduós, Iceland

when reading The Crunch (is that called "crunching", btw?) I usually skip right to the "Good news you probably didn't hear about" section. I'm all here for the good news, because they often make my day. But I'm also a huge science fiction geek and I love GIFs, so there's two other things that might make my day. Anyway, I'm always happier after I opened The Crunch than before, and there's not a lot of emails you can say that about. Keep up the good work!

Rin Raeuber
Berlin, Germany

Variety - so many different amazing things happening. Though you have your basic interests but the content is always quite varied and new and that keeps my interest. Which is hard to do i think. As well as actual content its also varied in terms of where you're finding these things. e.g not all the Guardian.

Layout - I know where to find the bits that interest me if lacking time for example. Scroll down, boom, the goodies.

GIFs - obviously. Can't go wrong with some gifs in there so they're always welcome.

International nature - I'm based in the UK and love the fact that all of the stuff included in still incredibly relevant to my life and the world I live in. You encourage us to be global citizens and mannnn is that important in this day and age

Not political - think though people can be interested in the same things e.g climate change, technology, science - they may not all agree on politics so though sometimes you allude to political things you don't outright state any support for anyone or anything. Perhaps this is because of the above point, trying to keep things global, but it helps not isolate anyone and therefore builds your supporter base more broadly.

You make me feel part of the team. Your laid back style of writing and resulting openness is very welcoming and warming. I feel not just part of a community but of your team and that is hard to do. Its honest, inviting and keeps me interested again as I not only want to know whats happening in the world but also what is happening in the team.

Cecily Spelling
London, UK

My brother put me onto your newsletter. You're like that super knowledgable (but a bit geeky and always happy) great friend who manages to find out all sorts of great stuff and drops it into your lap and makes you feel glad about the world again. Great work, thank you!

Simone Pope
Brisbane, Australia

I cannot thank you all enough for this newsletter. Every time I get it is the exact moment where I feel like the problems in the world are piling up too immensely. And then boom! The best newsletter I get shows up. I usually text my friend who recommended Future Crunch to me whenever I like the edition and today I just texted him “I don’t know why I even text you about how good each edition is, every single one is prime.” Please keep it up

Sam Alhadeff
St Paul's Woods, United States

Just simply love the good news bit. Something to get me through the daily shitshow of orange bafoons and white privileged middle-aged males who believe that “the political correctness has gone too far” that the news are.

Elina Rolfe
London, UK

The newsletter is a delight to read each week. The deep dive into a topic allows for a exploration of an issue and I personally find mind-boggling in possibilities. The "good news" section provides a great counterbalance to the pervasive negativity of the general media.

James Wator
Melbourne, Australia

I stopped watching and reading "news" long ago, it felt too depressing and mostly irrelevant. I adore your newsletter and am regularly quoting it, especially when i get trapped in those "the world is an awful place" discussions. Thank you!

Margaux Wagner
Melbourne, Australia

Wanted to tell you how much I love the newsletter! As a fan of curating content myself, I appreciate a great newsletter that always manages to enlighten. Especially your introductory paragraphs. In fact I think it was the previous newsletter or so in which you spoke about how having tech companies run the world was better the erstwhile regime of the oil companies and it was such a brilliantly written piece. Like all of yours though that was my favorite.

Akriti Bopanna
Delft, Netherlands

I love Future Crunch. It is wonderful to discover that the world is not as terrible as the media make out and that there is solid evidence to take heart and have hope for the future.

Joanna Kangisher
Auckland, New Zealand

Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate what you are doing with this newsletter. It's an essential tool for keeping hope alive in an atmosphere of fear and despair that the conventional media is creating. A huge THANK YOU and best of wishes from Serbia!

Danijel Gajan
Pančevo, Serbia

Those fine fellas at future crunch,
Who’s comms always packed a punch,
An e-mail a day,
or so they would say,
‘the suckers won’t realise’ – their hunch

Ian Lieblich
Sydney, Australia

I really appreciate how you're working on what you really believe in, that's a rare thing nowadays. Thanks for being one of those rare newsletters that focus actively on good news and shine some light on it.

Aarzoo Sharma
Silicon Valley, United States

I LOVE future crunch!! I post most issues on my FB page. It is a beacon of hope especially to my American friends in despair over the one who should not be named. Many otherwise intelligent friends think, as my dad would say, the world is going to hell in a handbasket. But your regular reminders of all the good things happening remind us that is not so.

Susan Frykberg
Atlanta, United States

Humorous, enlightening, optimistic and uplifting. Youre newsletter is very welcome in my inbox!

Paul van den Dool
Heinkenszand, Netherlands

As I get further into my 40s and closer to resembling my own dad, who never figured out how to program the VCR and preferred listening to vinyl because he didn't know there were other options. The part of getting old where you feel like the world is passing you by and you are becoming outdated is immensely troubling. Of course there is no reason why anyone has to let to let that happen. So thanks to The Crunch, for helping to rage against the dying of the light.

Anthony Carlin
Beijing, China

Y'all are the best. You're a fortnightly star in what feels like a dark night, making everything brighter. That was sappy, but this newsletter really is awesome and I try to get all my friends to sign up, or anyone who is feeling down about this weird world. It recently came to my attention that I am a 'millennial' (born in 88 so I thought I was free of that) and the byte size stories are great for my millennial attention span. Keep rocking!

Elyse H
Dublin, Ireland

I've been subscribing since around the 30s, and I can't help but wonder how full my life would have be now if I'd subscribed since issue #1. Seriously good stuff! The "Good news you probably didn't hear about" is one of my treasures -- no one else does that kind of roundup, and everyone needs to read it. I'll be sharing your newsletter with folks today! Kevan Lee, Boise, USA I like the newsletter because;

* it only comes once a fortnight
* quality content
* Y'll muthaf****s

Steve Belki
Toronto, Canada

I think you are a Good Thing. I've not known about you long and I normally go out of my way to avoid and delete newsletters building up in my box, as everyone does them and I have a life. But yours I hang onto and even collect in their own little folder, even if it takes ages for me to get around to read them as I know they will be worth reading, will excite me, amaze me, cheer me up and and make me happy and optimistic, at least for a while - I get depressed about the future these days since a certain person got elected. Keep it up, I need you!

Helena Waiver
New York, USA

So grateful for your commitment to bending the arc of "news" toward the good and toward the progress we're making. It's become a recurring theme on my blog

Rick Dikeman
Cincinnati, United States

Good Crunch = Good News = Good Days = Good Humor = Good Hope for a Better World for All.

Patrizio Tressoldi
Venice, Italy

In my work at Oxfam, I have to believe that change and a better future are possible. I need faith in humanity to be periodically restored, as I'm - I think - overexposed to the dark sides of our world. Your newsletter does that in a beautiful way, gently reminding me that not only a better world is possible, but is already in the making. We need that hope. Grazie.

Francesco Benetti
Derby, Ireland

Thank you for gathering good news and sharing it. It is helpful and important as a reminder that we are making progress in the right direction Terra Soma, Portland, US To the dear team at Future Crunch,
I read your letters during brunch.
Your articles ensnare,
Because, wow! How you care!
Your stories give us hope, thanks a bunch.

All the best and keep the good news coming :)

Libbie Forden
Callaghan, Australia

I saw you guys at WOMAD NZ 2017, and signed up for newsletter. I usually skim and read about one third, but push the link to all my students at Unitec institute of technology in auckland, and recently at metropolis in Helsinki and Uppsala university in visby by when visiting there.

It's a fantastic thing to push scientific and optimistic thinking to young minds who are facing some pretty shit trends re housing, casualisation of work, environment, and now trump ffs. I usually add future crunch to the tail end of lectures in sustainability issues etc, to show its good to hope and act accordingly, and that the trends are not all bad. Had some strong feedback from students that they really appreciate the messages and work you guys are doing. So go you good thing future crunch.

Nick Kearns
Auckland, NZ

I have really appreciated the roundup of bright spots that is Future Crunch, even if I don't agree wholeheartedly with the editorial overview. Hope for more!

Gene Plichota
Toronto, Canada

Talk about mind food.... just love reading their newsletters, it makes you feel terrified about being human and at the same time elated as to what is and can be achieved. Take the time to do it....

Louise Stobart
Havelock North, New Zealand

Dear Future Crunchers,

You take AWESOMENESS to an entirely new level. Really. I stumbled across you late last year (no not in a dark Melbourne alley during the early hours of the morning), and my life has never been the same again. ‘Wild thing(s), I think I love you’…so much so that I have unashamedly shouted your names from the rooftops (ok, my desktop) to all who would listen.

You spark my curiousity; amp up my passion; and put a huge frig’in smile on my dial. You keep being you, and I’ll keep being me—that’s just the way things are meant to be. Mark Molitor, Adelaide, Australia I love Future Crunch. I feel optimistic and happy after reading the e-mail, which usually makes me laugh out loud, and inevitably share several of the links and stories with friends. I like it because it's not just good news in the sense that it's upbeat: it's about big, exciting news about progress made by thousands of scientists (like the news a few weeks ago about wireless charging roads in Israel), or millions of people in a country (like the news this week about the astonishingly low homicide rate in Australia). It's big enough good news that it doesn't need the hook of one individual's extroardinary story "and you'll never believe what happened next." It stands on its own. Plus I trust that when Future Crunch links to a story about a potential medical breakthrough, it's got more behind it than "six people ate a lot of turmeric" or "this is what happens in mice."

Romie Faienza
Pescara, Italy

If you have kids and want quantifiable data that the future is full of hope for them, then subscribe to Future Crunch.

Ryan Blunden
Melbourne, Australia

I love getting The Crunch. I get a lot of other newsletters--technical, business, science, marketing, and so on. Most are generally informative on their own right, but FC always seems to deliver interesting articles that I don't see anywhere else. I particularly like the Good News section--even being fully aware of the negative bias that's so common, it's nice to see "the other side" every once in a while.

Eric Lenington
Dallas, United States

There are times when the news cycle is so relentlessly soul crushing and negative I go back to old issues of Future Crunch and remember that people all over the world are striving to make it a better place and there is so much to be optimistic and excited about. You just need to step out of mainstream cycles. And then, on truly dark days there is always the video of the fish making his sand circle :-D

Alexandra McCabe
Brighton, UK

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