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Want to promote your services/online course/newsletter/book/new project? Consider an advertisement in Fix The News. We distribute a weekly edition of our newsletter to 51,000+ hyper-engaged, optimistic thinkers, professionals, activists and researchers.

By an order of magnitude, the best source for positive news anywhere on the internet.
Steven Pinker

Subscribers: 51,000

7 day open rate: 60%

30 day open rate: 82%

Click rate: 4-5%                        

Reader location: North America, Australia, rest of the world

Occupations: International development, conservation, technology, activism, healthcare, research and education.

Demographics: 30- 55 yo/ 60% female / 40% male

Here's an example of a previous advertisement.

Average number of unique clicks per advertisement is 150-450, with a conversion rate of around 5%.

One advertisement costs USD$500
Two advertisements cost USD$900
Three advertisements cost USD$1,200

You can choose specific weeks, depending on availability, or run multiple advertisements over consecutive editions.

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