Complimentary Six Month Subscription

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Complimentary Six Month Subscription
Image: Oliver Jeffers + Outrage & Optimism

We are offering a free, six month subscription to the premium edition of our newsletter. This is an opportunity to elevate your day-to-day experience with the best source for positive news on the internet. All you have to do is enter your email below.

A powerful antidote to the despair that is so often presented in the 24/7 media environment. The collation of stories from around the world of humans showing care and compassion, to people and the environment, as well as amazing technological and scientific breakthroughs unveils hope in our world. The essays articulate profound engagement with the challenges of today and provide thoughtful sounding boards to begin (and continue) discussions with others.
Tim Kalmier

I love that I get an email that I WANT to read, I save it up for a time when I can relax with a coffee or glass of wine. Always so interesting, lots of little rabbit holes to go down and learn something new. I particularly like that it is positive and uplifting, the world can seem depressing with horrible events, wars, global warming etc, and I feel so helpless. Reading about people or organisations making huge changes for good in our world is so inspiring.
Annie Desantis

If your days are filled with repeat reminders of the evil and pain that humans can wreak on other humans, and you are tired of feeling depressed and disoriented by multiple sensationalized reports of lying, abuse and greed, you need a weekly dose of Fix The News. Let it motivate and inspire you to be part of the solution instead of being overwhelmed by the problem.
David Hunter

One of the most powerful newsletters I've ever come across for challenging my worldview and reminding me that there is no single narrative about the direction we're heading. When I read Fix The News, I'm reminded of Desiderata: "...the world is full of trickery. But let this not blind you to what virtue there is; many persons strive for high ideals, and everywhere life is full of heroism... And whether or not it is clear to you, no doubt the universe is unfolding as it should."
Kaila Colbin

Fix The News is a massive infusion of clarity and inspiration. It changed my life and still does every time I read it.
Braha Bender

I think it's the one newsletter everyone needs in their inbox and the only one I am happily paying for. It's filled to the brim with hope, and if there's one thing we need these days, it's hope. Unlike other news outlets that make you feel sad to be alive in this age of turmoil, it makes you feel glad to be alive in this age of wonder. To me, Fix The News offers a weekly glimpse at a future I want to be a part of.
Bess Klein

The antidote to the bitter taste of mainstream news. Mainstream news shines a spotlight on the dog poo on the cracked sidewalk, while Future Crunch casts a sunrise glow across the splendid architecture of the City.

Jim Wiggins

Reading Fix The News is like taking a mental health vitamin for anyone who is otherwise paying attention to the world and news. These stories aren’t getting the attention. They deserve in the mainstream. I recommend this over and over to worried idealists.
Edith Buhs

There is no newsletter out there that compares. Each edition is full of news that you simply can’t easily find in mainstream media, with live links for more in-depth reads, but more than all that this newsletter has a soul.
Marian DeSimone

A fantastic synthesis of the hidden good news in the world that is hard for most people to find. The newsletter format is excellent; a sentence or two summarises each piece of information, and you don't have to read more, but if you want to go deeper, there is a link to the original article. The newsletter is always a highlight in my day and never fails to make me feel more optimistic about the world.
Tineke Fancourt

Fix The News is hands-down my favourite source of news. My heart lifts each time I see a new issue pop into my inbox, because I know I'll learn fascinating new things and be inspired by examples of unexpected progress around the globe.
Amelia Hard

Fix The News provides a healthy and much-needed balance to the constant stream of problem-focused information that bombards us. They don’t ignore or minimize our challenges, but show that these challenges are being addressed creatively and effectively all over the globe. This newsletter has been a lifeline over the past few years.
Cindy Morefield

My favourite source of news. Fix The News brings you the good news stories you don’t hear about and gives you the links to their reputable sources. You can keep updated and feel energised and optimistic. It starts my weekend with a smile.|
Suri Poulos

Whenever I sit down and read my Fix The News mail I know what’s coming …. A flood of hope, pride and all over feel good about who we are and where we are going.
Lyndsay Finney

In a world increasingly focused on doom-scrolling through the latest tragedies and catastrophes, Fix The News is a beacon of hope and inspiration – documenting technological breakthroughs, economic and political progress and the indomitable power of the human spirit.
Seth Bain

My favourite newsletter I receive. Provides links to thought provoking articles and news that uplifts vs educes anxiety or angst. I try hard to curate the information I intake and I never consider cutting out Fix The News.
Matthew Heffernan

Hopeful yet smart and with the right amount of criticism. No green washing here. Lifts my spirit every week.
Ting-Sheng Liao

Fix The News is the best way to restore your faith in humanity. Whether it's a feel good story about the work of a single nurse, or a the mins blowing statistics of organizations making huge impacts, it's always great to read. I look forward to every edition and it helps levelset me in this chaotic world.
Kevin Cavanagh

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