No 151: An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles and Stars

Plus, a guide to Glasgow, the mathematical secrets of 42, why emotions are nurture not nature, and good news on global war deaths, polio vaccine rollouts, democracy in central Asia, poaching declines in Malawi, and the return of sea turtles in Cape Verde

No 151: An Inordinate Fondness for Beetles and Stars

This is the members only edition of Future Crunch, a weekly roundup of good news, mindblowing science, and the best bits of the internet (not necessarily in that order). One third of your subscription fee goes to charity

Our apologies for last week's missed edition.

We were released into the wild after 264 days in captivity here in Melbourne, and decided we should probably celebrate the end of the world's longest lockdown outside in a park, rather than inside staring at a screen. Regular service has now resumed! We've got a bumper issue for you this week, including everything you need in order to not completely lose your mind over COP26. Without further ado...

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