233: Black Mamba

Plus, cosmic goddess rays, orange peels, digital twin hearts, and good news on global poverty, gender gaps in science, ocean conservation in Papua New Guinea, and EV sales in Europe.

233: Black Mamba
Leitah Mkhabela, left, and Felicia Mogakane, right, set up a smartphone in a protective case to film a livestream South Africa's Olifants West Nature Reserve. Samsung/Africam
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Give a damn

We're so pleased to introduce you to our new charity partner, the Costa Rican Alliance for Sea Turtle Conservation and Science, a small nonprofit studying and protecting sea turtles in Costa Rica. They collect data on sea turtle activities, conduct nightly patrols to prevent poaching, engage in environmental outreach, and carry out capacity-building activities for local communities. Their co-founder, Christine Figgener, was a recent guest on our podcast.

We're sending them $6,000 to spend on a drone and two satellite transmitters. This will allow them to run aerial surveys over suspected sea turtle hotspots and follow individual turtles on their journeys via GPS. They're hoping to identify important sea turtle habitat and migration corridors, with the goal of advocating for further protections. Thanks to all of you for making this financial support possible.

Also, we've received an update from the amazing folks at School for Life, whom you all helped to fund and distribute 2,500 reusable menstrual kits in schools in Uganda a few months ago.

Hi, I hope you’re all well! I thought you’d like to see us repping Future Crunch while here at our School for Life schools in Uganda. It has been incredible to see all the work that’s happening on the ground, such incredible differences being made. Thanks again for your huge support of our menstrual hygiene program, we truly appreciate all of your support! 😄 Warm wishes, Lexi
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