214: Gravity Hum

Plus, the myth of the lizard brain, airships, psychedelic first responders, and good news on funding for a new TB vaccine, crime in Mexico City, deforestation in Malaysia and Indonesia, and electric vehicles in Canada.

214: Gravity Hum
The Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia, one of the three large North American radio observatories used by astronomers to detect a background din of exceptionally-long-wavelength gravitational waves pervading the cosmos. Quanta

This is the premium edition of Future Crunch, a weekly roundup of good news, mind-blowing science, and the best bits of the internet. If someone forwarded this, you can subscribe here. One third of our subscription fees goes to charity. You can buy a gift subscription here. Did you know we recently did a TED talk?

Hope Is A Verb

Meet Jess Wade, an experimental physicist in London who has written almost 2,000 Wikipedia biographies for unrepresented female and minority scientists in order to encourage more diversity in STEM. In our latest edition of the podcast, we spoke to Jess about what inspired her to use Wikipedia as a platform for change, and the power of a single entry to create global ripples. She shares her passion for combining science and engineering with the creative arts and why celebrating women is key to a more equitable future. We loved this conversation–her passion and enthusiasm are infectious.

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