209: Topias

Plus, open-source sourdough, synesthesia, the oldest architectural plans, and good news on tropical disease elimination in Bangladesh, Mali and Benin; homicide rates in the United States; deforestation in Brazil; platypus reintroductions in Australia; and falling emissions in Europe.

209: Topias
Rosemary in the Fishbowl, from Becky Chambers’ Long Way To A Small Angry Planet. Credit: Alice Duke

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Hi everyone,

We know we said we were going to give you an update on what's coming after the Humankind project, but we're not quite ready yet. Keep an eye out on your inbox over the next few days, where we'll be exploring some of the lessons we learned, and for the next edition, where we'll be unveiling the new project (we promise). We've been working on it for a while, but things really kicked into a new gear this week, and we're so excited to share it with you. Thanks as always for your support and understanding. Enough excuses! Time for some...

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