202: The Heresy of Decline

Plus, connectomes, glowscopes, robot worship, a whole lotta seaweed, and good news on the global malaria map, LGBTQ warriors, renewables in Latin America, the first wild river national park in Europe, and whooper swans in the UK.

202: The Heresy of Decline
Credit: Casey Cripe
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Hi everyone,

Two quick bits of news from FC HQ for you this week. The first is that we've been invited to speak at TED in Vancouver this year, where we're going to be sharing the news of the last year, Future Crunch style. It's a great opportunity and we're honoured (and still slightly shocked) to have been asked. Work is already underway on a plan to outdress Machine Dazzle.

The second bit of news is that after one too many typos, we've found a copy editor in the form of one of our subscribers, Steph C. Not only has she got an uncanny ability to find even the smallest of errors, she's also incredibly generous, and has offered to donate her fee to the charities we support here. A heartfelt thank you Steph, and welcome to the team.

Without further ado, here is some...

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